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    We have both great news and bad news. Despite all odds, Fringe has been renewed for another season! The bad news? It will be the final season. EW officially announced today that Fringe will be coming back for a fifth season with 13 episodes.

    Are you relieved that Fringe will have a fifth season? Sad that we only have a few more episodes until the end? Weight in below!

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    Fringe @ WonderCon

    March 13, 2012 by Kate.moon

    Who's going to WonderCon this year? Held in Los Angeles, the sister con to the famous Comic-Con officially kicks off this Friday. In related Fringe news, WonderCon is hosting "Fringe Special Video Presentation and Q&A" with its core cast members.

    Wikia's very own Entertainment Category Manager Eric Moro will be attending WonderCon and some of its awesome panels. What we want to know is if anyone from Fringe Wiki will be at WonderCon!

    If so, tell us in the comments below and let us know if you'll be going to the panel for Fringe, which will offer exclusive inside information and spoilers. We'll be tweeting from @WikiaEnt so follow along with #wondercon and Wikia's own #wikiawondercon!

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    Hey Fringe fans!

    Look at this adorable piece of Fringe fan art we found! Inspired by pop-culture parody on Ben & Jerry ice cream such as Schweddy Balls from SNL and Miami Slice from Dexter, the newest Ben & Jerry flavor on the block is "Walter's Labs!"

    Considering his penchant for milkshakes and food cravings, it's an awesome piece of tribute to Walter. The only thing missing from the picture is the list of ingredients and flavors.

    So here's our challenge:

    If you could create your own ingredient list for "Walter's Labs," what would it be? Keep it creative and relative to Fringe, and we'd love to hear what you come up with!

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    Fringe world(s) as we know it is shattered. It can't be any clearer with this new promo art for Fringe Season 4. After an epic finale in which Peter literally disappeared from both worlds, we can't even imagine how Fringe will progress with this storyline. Can Walter cope without his son? Will Olivia remember?

    This amazing promo art shows the three main characters shattered in their own worlds with a few of the Observers hidden in the shadows. What do you think this means, Fringe fans? Speculate away in the comments!

    EW just released these phenomenal shots of the Fringe characters in a mysterious setting. Also included is Lincoln, who is now a series regular. What do you make of the bubble portal in the background?

    TV Line

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    Fringe at Comic-Con

    July 12, 2011 by Kate.moon

    Hey fellow Fringe fans!

    Will anyone be attending Comic-Con this year? Fringe will holding its panel on the busiest day of Comic-Con (Saturday) with its cast and producers.

    To tempt you even further, Warner Brothers will be giving away some VERY cool Fringe swag bags! In line with the Fringe theme, the bag isn't all that it seems to be: it's also...a backpack! Not only that, but TV Line confirms that there will also be secret alternate-universe bags with a different design of course.

    These will be available at check-in so don't dawdle! The alt-universe bags are extremely limited and highly coveted! We won't judge if you prefer Fauxlivia over Olivia bags.

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