The day is almost here, Fringe fans! The 100th and final episode of Fringe will be airing on January 18th and then one of our favorite TV series will be over. Before getting weepy about the inevitable end, let's make our predictions about how things are going to end after five seasons for Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, and Walter Bishop!

  • Maybe they will turn back time to stop everything from happening? If they succeed, Observers never exist, September never distracts Walter, Peter never dies, etc.
  • More father-son bonding between Walter and Peter. We'll probably cry...
  • Someone is probably going to die, maybe Michael? It could also be Peter. In the promo, we see that he leaves a message for Olivia which seems like it could foreshadowing his disappearance in the next episode. Or maybe it's Walter with his plan...
  • We're expecting a decent ending that answers a lot of questions but might not leave us feeling very happy. "The finale answers a lot of questions and recontextualizes the series in a great way," co-showrunner J.H. Wyman told Entertainment Weekly. "You'll understand how the characters emotionally get to where they land, and where they'll be after it's all over." We're guessing this means a lot of our questions about the Observers will be answered too!

Check out the promo for the finale below and be sure to leave your own predictions in the comments! What will you miss most about Fringe?


Fringe Series Finale Promo (HD)00:31

Fringe Series Finale Promo (HD)



Will you be sad to see Fringe end?

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