Tyler Giglio (or Tyler 03) is a teenaged boy, and one of many identical Tylers alo known collectively by Massive Dynamic as "the Penrose-Carson experiments." He temporarily displayed the ability of Mind Control due to a combination of mind-affecting medications.

In late 2009, Tyler telepathically took control of used car salesmen, Tom Dobbins and Patrick Hickey, to make it appear as if the men had kidnapped him for ransom. In his initial escape he forced multiple people to harm or kill themselves to meet his goals. He was attempting to contact his mother, who he was told had died when he was a child, but had recently learned was alive. Tyler believed that he and his mother would be able to live happily as a family without his father, who had lied to Tyler to protect the truth of his mother's past instability.

Tyler was eventually subdued and (secretly) placed in a lab in Massive Dynamic with at least 7 other unconscious Tylers, where the project was suspended indefinitely.

Other TylersEdit

In the files of other Tylers there are names visible along with pictures of the Tylers:

  • Tyler 05's guardian was Dr Daniel Perkins (Pictured with soccer trophy)
  • Tyler 04's guardian was Dr Bob Carlisle (Pictured on fishing trip)


  • It is never stated how the Tylers came to be. Whether they were bred as duplicates in test tubes, artificially created for specific ability testing, or clones of a 'real' child has yet to be discovered.
  • Since Dr James Carson was intentionally misleading the Fringe team of Tyler's true nature, it is unsure how much of his family's history is true. Nina Sharp did mention when contacting William Bell that Renee Davies was Tyler Carson's surrogate mother.

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