Nicknamed by Walter Bishop, the translucent man was an Organic Shape-Shifter, who appeared to work with 2 other shape-shifters Nadine Park (Organic Shape-Shifter) and Organic Shape-Shifter (Neither Here Nor There).

The Translucent Man ambushed Robert DanzigLincoln Lee's partner, during a mission Lee and Robert were on to stop illegal weapon sale. Just as Lee came around the corner, the translucent man pulled out a syringe he had ejected in Robert causing Robert's skin to turn white and die. The shape-shifter fled the scene and got away.

He went to a makeshift lab, at the avon rail station used by the Shape-Shifters as a hideout. There, he uses an injected a syringe that extracts from Robert the heavy metals which he needed to survive like all organic Shape-shifters. He then writes comments in his notebook and a little while later his arm begins to tremor violently, flashing between transparency, and smiles.

When FBI agents storm the building, he starts a pursuit chase. After feeling to a warehouse, he downloads data into a type fo equipment meant for Nadine Park (another Organic hsape-shifter). Before he can leave, Olivia Dunham comes in the room forcing a fight between the two. Despite him overpowering her, she is able to shoot and kill him ("Neither Here Nor There")

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