Unnamed Characters from Episode ("The Same Old Story") :


The Same Old Story Doctor
The Doctor performed a caesarian section on Loraine Alcott.

He was played by Ty Jones.

Nina's AssistantEdit

The Same Old Story Assistant
The Assistant of Nina Sharp invited Olivia to the office.

She was played by Jacqueline Hendy.


The Same Old Story Nurse
The Nurse was preparing Loraine Alcott to deliver the baby.

She was played by Danielle Skraastad.


The Same Old Story Resident
The Resident witnessed Loraine's pain and offered help.

He was played by Jack O'Connell.

Prime Universe Characters
Olivia DunhamWalter BishopPhillip BroylesAstrid FarnsworthNina SharpLincoln LeeJohn ScottCharlie FrancisDavid Robert JonesWilliam BellRachel BlakeElla BlakeNick LaneSally ClarkHenrietta Bishop

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