Unnamed Characters from Episode ("The Equation") :

Agent #1Edit

TheEquation-ND Agent1
ND Agent #1 was asking residents of Clarksburg about missing child - Ben Stockton.

He was played by Jabari Gray.

Agent #3Edit

TheEquation-ND Agent3
ND Agent #3 informed Olivia about phone call from general counsel office about Dr. Bishop.

She was played by Avis Boone.

Frank the OrderlyEdit

TheEquation-Orderly Frank
Frank the Orderly is an employee of St. Claire's Hospital.

He was played by Kevin Carolan.

Tow Truck DriverEdit

TheEquation-Tow Truck Driver
Tow Truck Driver woke mesmerized Jeremy Stockton after his son was kidnapped.

He was played by Christopher Sapienza.

Woman at DoorEdit

TheEquation-Woman at Door
Woman at Door is a resident of Clarksburg. She was asked about missing child - Ben Stockton - by agent Francis.

She was played by Constance Boardman.

Prime Universe Characters
Olivia DunhamWalter BishopPhillip BroylesAstrid FarnsworthNina SharpLincoln LeeJohn ScottCharlie FrancisDavid Robert JonesWilliam BellRachel BlakeElla BlakeNick LaneSally ClarkHenrietta Bishop

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