Unnamed Characters from Episode ("The Dreamscape") :

Agent (Forensics)Edit

Dreamscape-Forensics Agent
Forensics Agent is an FBI agent, who tried to break the encryption of Mark Young's hard drive.

She was played by Juliet Pritner.

Agent (Technician)Edit

Dreamscape-FBI Tech Agent
FBI Tech Agent is an FBI operative, who navigated the vehicle with agents chasing George Morales.

He was played by Carlo Alban.


Charlotte is a Massive Dynamic employee who spoke to senior staff until Mark Young finally arrived.

She was played by Cindy Katz.


Melanie is a Massive Dynamic employee. She was a secretary of Mark Young.

She was played by Catia Ojeda.


A nurse who saw Morales' throat slitting itself, opening from the inside out.

She was played by Dianne Zaremba.


Paul was an associate of John Scott, George Morales and Mark Young. He was stabbed to death by John Scott.

He was played by Harry Sutton, Jr.

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