The Commander is a superior Observer. It is unclear how far his authority goes, but Captain Windmark falls under it. During the colonization process, the Commander resided in 2609.


Season FiveEdit

After Michael was discovered, Captain Windmark travelled back to 2609 to report on the anomaly. He detailed that the fugitives were hiding the boy, to which the Commander inquired about the reasons. After further investigation, Windmark discovered that the boy was created from September's genetic material. He reported this back to the Commander, who was puzzled about September's reasoning in protecting a genetic defect.

Windmark, who was beginning to feel the human emotion of hatred due to his close proximity to humans in 2036, requested the Commander's permission to suspend protocol and allow him to travel back in time to eradicate the Resistance before they began picking up steam. The Commander, unwilling to cause further ripples to the timeline, denied this request, citing the 99.9999% probability of successful colonization granted by 2036 in its current condition.

After Michael's detention, the Commander authorized disassembling his organs for study.

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