Shape-shifter (A New Day In The Old Town) is a Shape-shifter from the Alternate Universe.


Season TwoEdit

He was tasked with stopping Olivia Dunham from meeting with William Bell. He killed George Reed and stole his appearance. He then used a car to ram into Olivia's SUV. After the accident, he ran to an apartment building and kills Lloyd Parr to steal his appearance. He then heads to the Electronic Store to use the typewriter to report back to the other side that he stopped the meeting. He is informed that the meeting did take place and is ordered question Olivia and then kill her. He heads to the hospital and kills Olivia's Nurse, stealing her image to gain access to her room. Once in the room, he asks her what she remembers about her time on the other side but she can't recall much. He then tries to kill her but is stopped by Agent Amy Jessup. He jumps out the window and heads into the basement. He is pursued and shot at by Charlie Francis. When Peter Bishop arrives, Charlie is standing over the body of the nurse. Everyone thinks the body of the nurse is the shape-shifter but he was able to kill Charlie and take his appearance, using the nurse's body to feign his death. He later comes back and disposes of Charlies' body. ("A New Day In The Old Town")

He continues to pretend to be Olivia's partner in the hope that she will remember her time in his universe. ("Night Of Desirable Objects")

After Olivia uses his Shape-shifting device to extract the image of the last person it was connected to and he learned the location of the frozen head of Thomas Jerome Newton, he attempts to kill Olivia. During the struggle, he is shot in the head by Olivia. ("Momentum Deferred")

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