The Science Team is the group, within the Fringe Division, assembled to investigate the Pattern.


Colonel Phillip Broyles selected the members and presented their information to theOversight Commitee. The members of the team include: FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, Doctor Walter Bishop, Civilian Consultant Peter Bishop and FBI Junior Agent Astrid Farnsworth .

Nina Sharp, Executive Director of Massive Dynamic, another member of the Committee, assists the Team with equipment and information, although Olivia has begun to strongly question Nina's motives. The team is supported by other members of the Division, including FBI agent Charlie Francis who, although not a member of the science team, is number two behind Broyles in managing the Fringe Division.

The current science team isn't the first one, Broyles expressed his wishes that the current team will "have more success than the last one". The team, as far as we know, is unaware of the Committee.

Unofficial members:

  • Gene, a cow requested by Dr. Bishop for research purposes.

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