Reward Wire is an Observer-run website aimed at capturing known fugitives. Information regarding fugitives is uploaded to the site where Natives can study them. If any Natives have pertinent information regarding the Fugitives, their accounts will be rewarded vouchers, with the option of exponentially increasing their vouchers if the Fugitives are captured and provide meaningful information to the Observers. Reward Wire billboards are also scattered throughout the Manhattan. 

Season FiveEdit

An Amber Gypsy sees Peter and Astrid as they search for Olivia shortly after being removed from amber. He makes contact with the Observers, explaining that he had seen them on Reward Wire.

While returning from her meeting with Simone, two bandits fool Olivia into pulling over her truck. They capture her and are delighted to recognize her from Reward Wire. They intend to turn Olivia over to the Observers at a Truth Church,  but she is able to kill both of them and escape.


  • A real-life website was made to supplement the show at
  • A promotional teaser was released by FOX. In this video, Captain Windmark is making a PSA that details the procedures for using Reward Wire.
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