Rachel Dunham

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Rachel Dunham
Portrayed by Ari Graynor
Name Rachel Dunham
Status Alive
Gender Female
Profession Unknown
Relations Greg Blake, husband
Ella Blake, daughter
Eddie Blake, son
Olivia Dunham, sister
Henrietta Bishop, niece
Marilyn Dunham, mother
Appearances Rachel Dunham - List of Appearances

Rachel Dunham is Olivia Dunham's younger sister and the mother of Ella Blake. In the new timeline, she is still married to Greg Blake, and so is likely to have kept the name Rachel Blake; in the new timeline they also have a second child, Ella's younger brother, Eddie Blake.


Season OneEdit

Soon after Olivia Dunham had escaped captivity by the hands of Mitchell Loeb, she received a phone call from her sister Rachel, who needed a place to stay, because she was going through a rough patch with her husband, Greg Blake. Olivia agreed, and Rachel and her daughter Ella Blake moved in with Olivia, though they claimed it would only be temporary. ("Bound")

Rachel adapted well to living with Olivia. However, one day Ella was using Rachel's computer when she was attacked by the brain-melting computer virus which nearly killed Ella, without the intervention of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. Rachel later observed Peter and Ella playing together, and seemed to be attracted to him. When Peter later arrived to speak with Olivia, he and Rachel shared a look that alerted Olivia to the chemistry between the two. ("The No-Brainer")

Rachel's husband Greg Blake later filed for divorce. Though Rachel expected this, she did not expect Greg to file for sole custody of Ella Blake, which Greg did, on the grounds that Rachel was an "unfit mother." ("Midnight")

Agent Olivia Dunham started remembering her memories of the previous timeline because David Robert Jones started to inject her Cortexiphan.

Season TwoEdit

After Olivia Dunham was in a car wreck, she informed Peter Bishop that Olivia had a living will. ("A New Day In The Old Town")

Season FourEdit

In the new timeline, Rachel and Greg never divorced, and remained happily married as of 2011. In addition, they had a second child by that point, a son named Eddie. When Olivia's memories of the new timeline began to get overwritten by her memories of the original timeline, she inaccurately remembered their divorcing and forgot the existence of her nephew. This was used as grounds to attempt to have her removed from active duty and declared mentally unfit.

Quotes Edit

"Go, save the world."

- Rachel to Olivia (Bound)

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