Phillip Broyles, mostly known as Colonel Broyles, was the leader of Fringe Division in the Alternate Universe.  

Alternate Broyles was convinced to help Olivia Dunham by his wife, and was killed for allowing Olivia Dunham to return to her universe. When Olivialternate needed to be teleported back to the alternate universe, his mutilated body was teleported to this universe to displace the weight of Olivialternate. This universe's Phillip Broyles saw him dead and shut his eyes, deeply distressed at seeing his alternate's dead body. 

In the Alternate Timeline, Broyles is still alive and working with David Robert Jones. It was later revealed that Phillip was used by Jones in order to exchange information for a cure for his son, Christopher. In the end, he could not go against his conscience, and surrendered himself to Phillip Broyles of the prime universe.

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