Olivia Dunham has had many near-death experiences:

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Explosion 1x01 Pilot

Richard Steig attempted to flee John Scott and detonated the garages at the U-Case facility. Olivia was thrown back from the force of the explosion, and woke up in the hospital.

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2x01 A New Day In The Old Town

After Olivia's visit to the other side, she is suddenly ejected through the windshield of her car. She is rushed to the hospital and declared braindead, but suddenly wakes up the next day, crying a Greek phrase.

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4x22 Brave new world: Part 2 Walter shoots Olivia in the head with a shotgun, completely disrupting the collapse of the two universes. William Bell 's plan of a new world is ruined, Bell rings a bell and fades away as Walter hesitates to shoot him. Walter races to extract the bullet from Olivia, recognizing that the Cortexiphan should be able to regenerate the tissue and allow her to live.
Skjermbilde Olivia og CHarlie
2x04 Momentum Deferred Charlie meets up with Olivia, who tells him about her memories, which she recently recovered. Astrid Farnsworth's computer finishes the construction, revealing the shape-shifter to be Charlie. Olivia gets the call immediately and is forced to fight Charlie. After an innocent bystander is killed, Olivia gets the upper hand and kills Charlie. 
Skjermbilde Olivia og shapeshifter
2x01 A New Day In The Old Town The shapeshifter that recently tried to prevent Olivia from meeting with William Bell, has shifted to the body of Olivia's nurse. The shapeshifter tries to get Olivia to talk about the meeting, but when she can't remember, the shapeshifter throws itself over her and tries to strangle her. Fortunately, Amy Jessup arrives just in time to save her, and the shapeshifter jumps out of the window.
Skjermbilde Olivia og Valerie Boone
1x18 Midnight As Olivia and Peter are on their way to the lab with Nicholas Boones' sister, Valerie Boone , she suddenly regains consciousness and attacks Olivia by trying to strangle her. Peter manages to take Olivias tranq-gun and sedates her again.
Skjermbilde Olivia og Nancy Lewis
1x19 The Road Not Taken While closing up on Sanford Harris , Olivia gets locked in a room with Nancy Lewis , whose unstable pyrokinetic abilities threaten both their lives. With Olivia's guidance, the woman focuses her energy on Harris and incinerates him instead of them.


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