Nadine Park (Human Shape-Shifter) is an Human Shape-Shifter who killed Nadine Park and took her appearance. It appeared that she ordered the Translucent Man to have him get her important data from his experiments which would make the shape-shifters no different from humans as well as working with another unknown Human Shape-Shifter. However before the translucent man could get the information to her he was killed by Olivia Dunham and the other shape-Shifter was killed by Lincoln Lee. She watched from the stairs of a large Fuel Storage Tank and ultimately escaped. ("Neither Here Nor There") in ("Novation") she kills Karen, the ex-wife of Malcolm Truss, a former Massive Dynamic biochemical researcher who currently has a live-in boyfriend and takes her appearance. Soon after Karen's boyfriend returns home, the Nadine Park shape-shifter unsuccessfully attempts to retrieve the location of Malcolm Truss's files from him.

She later seeks out Malcolm Truss and tricks him into helping her to become indistinguishable from humans. She takes Malcolm to an abandoned warehouse that had been converted into a lab at which point Malcolm realises that she is a shape-shifter after she temporarily takes on the form of his ex-wife but he is forced to continue synthesising the compound under threat of death. The FBI and Fringe division surround the lab as Malcolm finishes making the compound, Nadine administers the cure to herself before apparently being shot and falling into the water below. It is later revealed that she killed FBI agent Warrick and took his form before feigning injury and escaping.

She is seen later using a typewriter similar to the one Walternate possesses to inform her superiors of the success of the compound, the typewriter then begins to type on its own and reveals that the other shape-shifters are coming.

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