Motifs are recurring elements in a work of fiction that have special symbolic significance to the overall work. There are many motifs in Fringe. 


The glyphs are a recurring symbol in Fringe. Apart from being shown prominently in between each act (before commercials when the show airs on television), glyphs are also sprinkled throughout episodes of the show. Some may be obvious, like the seahorse insignia embedded in the toxin in The Bishop Revival. while other times they are hidden in the background, like a seahorse hanging on the rearview mirror in the abandoned cap from Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 or the butterfly on a trashcan in The Equation. The glyphs have symbolic meaning to the show. For example, the apple can be considered representative of forbidden fruit/knowledge, a symbolic look at dualities present in Fringe, or a reference to the Alternate Universe.

Green, Green, Green, RedEdit

The GGGR pattern is found throughout episodes of the series, although only takes prominence in The Equation

Blue, Red, & YellowEdit

Color is an important motif in the show because it represents location. The Opening Sequence of each episode reveals more about the location of that episode. Blue represents the Prime Universe, Red represents the Alternate Universe, and Yellow represents the Alternate Timeline. These colors also have prevalence during the episodes of the show. When representative explanations involving multiple universes occur, the colors are usually used. In one episode, when trying to demonstrate the balance of both universes, Walter fills up two beakers, one blue and one red, and places them on a scale. In Walternate's office on Liberty Island, three solid color paintings line his wall. They are Blue, Red, and Yellow. They are first seen in season two and can be considered foreshadowing of the impending Alternate Timeline.

Next Episode CluesEdit

Each episode features an icon or symbol hinting at the content of the next episode.


An Observer appears in every episode. While sometimes featured prominently (especially in Season 5), he is also sometimes difficult to spot.

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