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Mind control is mentioned in the "Pilot", but not explored further until The Equation where a device that uses a series of flashing green and red lights appears to induce a hypnogogic state that psychologically freezes a man while his son is being abducted. Later Walter perfects his own version of the device and causes Peter to cut off his own shirt sleeves. In each case the victim does not remember any of the period where they were under mind control.

A more intrusive version of this phenomena was explored in "Dream Logic", where Dr. Laxmeesh Nayak has created an brain implanted chip with the pretext of helping sleep disorder sufferers. Although Dr. Nayaks motivations aren't completely clear, he apparently is using his device to both experience their dreams and induce hallucinations in his victims at the same time. While not directly mind control, the induced hallucinations can trigger behaviors beyond the conscious control of the victim.

The most fantastical portrayal of mind control as a direct ability is demonstrated by Tyler Carson in "Of Human Action" where he appears to have the power to override voluntary muscle behavior of other people within a certain range. Walter somehow determined a method of counteracting this ability using "white noise".

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