Lucas Vogel is a former romantic interest of Olivia Dunham. He assisted her in getting access to David Robert Jones in Wissenschaft Prison. Lucas met Dunham at the Frankfurt International Airport for the first time since their relationship ended. When Olivia inquired about his contacts at the prison where David Robert Jones was being held, he reminded her that he was a Member of the German Parliament, and he had contacts everywhere. Lucas introduced Johan Lennox and Dunham at the Wissenschaft Prison. ("In Which We Meet Mr. Jones")

Lucas commented to Olivia that she never failed gracefully and inquired about her emotional state, noting that something substantial about her had shifted. Lucas invited Dunham to his residence for a meal, wine and to spend the night, noting he was a spectacular chef. Dunham accepted and Lucas entertained her for an evening. Lucas probed further about Dunham's emotional state - wanting to know who broke her heart. Lucas admitted his failures in their previous relationship after she shared her recent failure with Agent John Scott. Lucas added that he doesn't call her because he is ashamed of how he treated her. Lucas kissed Dunham tentatively, then passionately, but was interrupted when her cell phone rang with a break in her investigation. He stated that he hated whoever called (Peter Bishop). Lucas returned to the prison and waited for Dunham to interview Jones. After Dunham completed her interview of David Jones, Lucas told Dunham that he had additional means of gathering information about Jones after she suggested Jones knew something about Agent Scott's loyalty and added that continuing to help her would give him an excuse to call (stay in contact with) her. ("In Which We Meet Mr. Jones")


  • Lucas was identified as Lance Vogel in several on-line database sites before this episode airing. While referred to as Lucas throughout the episode, the last name Vogel was never mentioned.


  • I think about you… so often, and… I don’t call because… because, I’m ashamed of how I treated you" - (to Olivia, an honest reveal on their prior relations)

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