Leland Spivey was an Human Shape-Shifter who injected Olivia Dunham with Cortexiphan on orders from Nina Sharp. ("Wallflower")

He later assisted in capturing Olivia Dunham. Following orders, so that David Robert Jones could attempt to activate Olivia Dunham's ability by torturing Nina Sharp ,that was actually a copy. Eventually When Nina faked pain to get out of the torture room, he and other guards took her out on a stretcher and overheard Nina saying that Olivia had only successfully done her ability with Peter Bishop. When Peter arrived in Olivia's house to find a clue to where she was, he distracted Peter long enough to have a guard knock peter out and take him into Jones' custody.

He then, after Peter was brought into see Olivia Dunham, on orders, held a knife to Peter's throat in order to make Olivia do her ability. The ability was successful and he took the knife off Peter's throat, but he was electrocuted shortly afterwards, when Olivia made gave the lights to much power. ("The End of All Things")

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