James Van Horn is a Shape-shifter sleeper agent and Senator that has been funneling information about Fringe Division to the Alternate Universe.


Season TwoEdit

He first appears in a meeting with Philip Broyles face to face to warn him about investigating the case of Timur Vasiliev. According to the statement he gathered from one of the deputy prime ministers that Vasiliev illegally removed a weapon belonging to the Russian federation. ("Earthling")

Season ThreeEdit

He collected information on Peter Bishop with regards to his visit in the Alternate Universe. ("Olivia")

Sometime later he was rushed to the hospital following a car crashing after he bought lemonade from two little girls. Thomas Jerome Newton attempted to retrieve his body so Newton could get his memories but failed to get his body as Phillip Broyles intervened forcing Newton to permanently disable him and flee. Fauxlivia and Peter Bishop searched his office and discovered he was collecting information on the Fringe Division for the past two years. His Shape-shifter body was studied by Walter Bishop and partially reactivated his long term memory could not be studied but with stimuli from his wife Patricia Van Horn his short term memories were revealed. Ray Duffy infiltrated Massive Dynamic and was able to retrieve the short term memory disk located in his lower back. Duffy delivered this disk to Newton and Newton delivered it to Fauxlivia. ("Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?")

He is alive in the alternate timeline. He is seen talking with Broyles about his deeds and promotion. ("Brave New World: Part 2")