Henry Arliss Higgins

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Henry Arliss Higgins
Portrayed by Andre Royo
Henry Arliss Higgins
Name Henry Arliss Higgins
Status Alive
Profession Cab driver
Relations Jasmine- wife
Laura- daughter
Appearances "Olivia", "The Abducted", "Bloodline"

Henry Arliss Higgins is a Cab driver in the Alternate Universe.


Season ThreeEdit

He was taken hostage by Olivia Dunham after she escaped from the Department of Defense facility on Liberty Island. Higgins, Henry Arliss lives at 3248 Hastings Avenue, Apartment no.3. His height is 6ft. 1in. He weighs 155lbs. His gender's Male. Show Me Card (ID) Number: 10-02-25-056768. The card expired on the 26th of March 2012. All info was gathered from his 'Show Me I.D. Card' when Olivia borrows his card to ensure his cooperation. After almost being captured by the Fringe Division, he takes Olivia to Marilyn Dunham's home.("Olivia")

Alternate Universe Characters
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He once again met with Olivia Dunham seeking his help in procuring a boat with the intention travelling to Liberty Island. He later came through for her, using his cousin's boat. Upon arriving at Liberty Island Olivia revealed her interdimensional origins. ("The Abducted")

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