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Henrietta "Etta" Bishop is the daughter of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. She was introduced as a Fringe Division agent in the year 2036. She and Simon Foster teamed up to get Walter Bishop and his team out of the amber so that Walter's team could help them get rid of the Observers. When Walter was removed from the amber, they learned that his brain had been damaged. Etta and Simon took Walter to Nina Sharp to see if she could help them. She suggested that they go to the old Massive Dynamic to get a piece of Walter's brain. She thought that if they injected the healthy part of Walter's brain into his damaged brain, his brain could repair itself. They took her suggestion, and Walter's brain healed itself, returning to his right mind again. Walter then took them to where the rest of his team were trapped in amber. Simon helped to recover the team but had to sacrifice himself by trapping himself in amber, with Etta's help, to get Peter free.

In the subway, Etta reunited with her father Peter when he finally recognized her. In the episode Letters of Transit, it was shown that Etta had a necklace with a bullet. This may suggest that the bullet she carries is the same bullet pushed out of Olivia's head in the Season 4 finale.

Etta has said that her parents disappeared when she was four years old. That disappearance was twenty-one years before the year 2036, meaning Etta is 25 years old.


  • She is the female equivalent of Henry Dunham, the son of Peter and Fauxlivia, who was never meant to be born and was consequently erased from existence by the Observers.

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