George Moralles was a black market trafficker that was killed by Psychosomatic Exsanguination. He was associated with Mark Young and John Scott.


George Moralles was first seen in a meeting with John Scott, Mark Young, and an unidentified man. The four were seemingly involved in a black market deal regarding weapons that were to be provided by Mark Young, a Massive Dynamic employee. Moralles was a suspect following Young's death. His telephone number is traced by the FBI.

Following a traffic jam, Olivia Dunham and Charlie Francis chase Moralles on foot, who then gets hit by a car. After being taken into custody, Moralles was checked into the hospital. He explained that he wouldn't talk until he got protection from Massive Dynamic, whom he blamed for all of the events happening.

He explained that The Pattern was just a smokescreen so that Massive Dynamic could get whatever it wants, from whoever it wants. Later on, before he could reveal more information, Moralles was killed by a hallucination of John Scott. He was dosed with the same drug that killed Mark Young, and his neck was slit right infront of a nurse.

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