The End of Dayers is a terrorist organization in the possible 2026. The organization intended to destroy to the universe, literally bringing about the "end of days" by causing Fringe events on soft spots. Even the slightest event would cause the already fragile universe to crumble and hasten the inevitable destruction of the Prime Universe. Due to this future being averted by Peter in 2011, the organization will never be created.


The End of Dayers want to destroy the universe by ripping tears into the very fabrics of it. In order to do this, the organization causes Fringe events on soft spots. These tears create vortexs and cause the universe to collapse on itself. Moreau answers to Walternate, who is seeking vengeance for the destruction of his universe.



Electrilight bomb

The terrorist organization specializes in crimes that are scientific in nature. One of the known attacks took place at the Orpheum Theatre. Here, the End of Dayers deployed an Electrilight bomb that shattered the theater and caused a Stage Three tear. The second known attack took place at Central Park, which had been quarantined. Moreau deployed a similar bomb, which resulted in a vortex.

Current StatusEdit

Because the events of 2026 were seen by Peter Bishop while still inside the machine in 2011, he made a different choice, one that resulted in the two universes coming together at a bridge so that they could work out their problems. Therefore, the events of 2026 were only a possible future and were prevented. The crisis of the two collapsing universes was averted, never giving the End of Dayers an occassion to rise.

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