Elizabeth Bishop (Alternate Universe) is Walternate's wife and Peter Bishop's mother in the Alternate Universe.


Season TwoEdit

In 1985, she was tricked by Walter Bishop into believing that he was Walternate and he abducted Peter Bishop. ("Peter")

When Peter returns to the Alternate Universe she greets him when he wakes up. She shows deep concern and they share an emotional reunion. She then cooks him breakfast and gives him the plans for the doomsday device that Walternate left. ("Over There: Part 2")

Season ThreeEdit

In 1985, right after the events of Peter, she is seen comforting Walternate over the loss of their son. ("Subject 13")

Later on in Season 3, Walternate is seen with his mistress implying that they are no longer together or that he is cheating on her. ("Immortality")

Season Four (Alternate Timeline)Edit

In the alternate timeline, Peter was still taken but he died when Walter took him back to the other side so she never got to have a reunion with him.

When Peter enters her house, wanting to find Walternate as he thinks he can help him get back, Elizabeth instantly recognizes him. She protects him and takes him to see Walternate after this. ("Back to Where You've Never Been") Later on, she crosses over to talk to Walter and convince him to help Peter get back to his timeline. She explains that she forgave him a long time ago for his actions, and they both share a bond over the deaths of their sons. She is ultimately successful in her attempts, and Walter agrees to help Peter bring him back home. ("Enemy of My Enemy")

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