Massey lives with his son and a few dozen others in a remote, forested encampment in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The group isolated themselves in the rugged mountains shortly after the Observer invasion in October of 2015 and have maintained relative anonymity there until 2036. Massey leads the others in the group as archivist of the history of mankind, since the invasion, a self-assumed mission intended to preserve facts, data and key profiles of those that have served.

He, like all the others in the group suffer from dermal lichenification, and only rarely interacts with a separate isolationist group nearby for trade and barter. When the science team arrives to collect a unique quartz ore from a mine near Massey's encampment, he is welcoming of the Fringe Division celebs, but wary that they may draw enemy forces into the area. Initially unwilling to support the team's extended presence, Massey sends the group on an bogus task while he himself assumes the fatal assignment of retrieving the quartz ore needed to defeat the Observers.  

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