Donald Long is an assassin affiliated with the Observers who was hired to correct August's actions of interfering with and abducting Christine Hollis by killing her. Donald picks up August's trail and finds Christine's location at a motel outside the city. August attempts to stop him, but Donald shoots him several times. Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham arrive shortly later and shoot Donald. Donald dies from falling off of the motel roof from the shots.


  • In the debrief, Broyles tells Olivia that Donald's gun is linked to six unsolved homicides on the East Coast in
    the last ten years.
  • The Observers contact Long through a futuristic communication device and send a printed image of his next target, Christine Hollis.
  • On the screen of this futuristic communication device appears the 3 green and 1 red dots pattern.
  • Donald's confrontation with August allows August to succeed in protecting Hollis.
  • He is shot twice, once by Peter with August's pulse-gun, then Olivia shoots him with her pistol. However, Long dies from the fall.


"What are you doing? Tell me where she is. Just tell me where she is. You know I'm just trying to do my job. I have no quarrel with you."