Diane Broyles is Colonel Phillip Broyles' wife from the Alternate Universe and the mother of Christopher, their son as well as their daughter (whose name is unknown).

Original Timeline Edit

She is hesitant to allow her injured and depleted son to be interviewed about his abduction years earlier but allows Olivia Dunham (unaware she is from the other universe) to conduct the interview based on her favorable impression of Olivia Dunham from her own universe as smart and likeable. She considers her son brave, but her husband not in this situation. ("The Abducted")

After the Alternate Broyles' sacrificial death for the greater good in allowing Olivia to return home, it is unknown how she reacted to it or if she moved on. ("Entrada")

Alternate Timeline Edit

Much of the circumstances of Olivia Dunham's capture in the alternate universe has changed due to the nature of the alternate timeline, which has erased Peter Bishop from existence. As such, Colonel Broyles is still alive and Diane remains happily married to him.

However, Diane is unaware that her husband is working against Fringe Division to cure their son, who is in need of medicine for his blindness. Likewise, her reaction to Broyles' imprisonment after he is exposed is never shown. She is also unaware that Broyles worked as a mole to provide his son with a serum that reduces his medical symptoms and/or heals him. ("The Consultant")