Charlie Francis is an Alternate Universe version of FBI Agent Charlie Francis. He is an agent of Fringe Division who is co-workers with Olivia Dunham and Lincoln Lee.


Background informationEdit

Charlie is married to Mona Foster, an insect specialist, by season 4. He has a scar under his left eye and takes a regular injection to treat an arachnid infestation inside of his bloodstream.

Season OneEdit

He first appears to Olivia Dunham when she crosses over while investigating the case of Susan Pratt. He hands her the file indicating she has a twin sister named Nancy Lewis. ("The Road Not Taken")

Season TwoEdit

He and the Fringe Division team respond to an event at the Manhattan theater where Olivia, Walter Bishop and others crossed over. Later, after Olivia impersonates Fauxlivia, he goes with her to see Peter Bishop and Olivia knocks him out. ("Over There: Part 2")

Season ThreeEdit

He was in charge of tracking down Olivia Dunham after she escaped from the Department of Defense facility on Liberty Island. He caught up to her at Marilyn Dunham's house and brought her back to Fringe Division. ("Olivia")

He and the Fringe Division investigated the case of Milo Stanfield. ("The Plateau")

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