Brandon Fayette is the lead scientist at Massive Dynamic and answers to Nina Sharp.


Season TwoEdit

He was assigned to pull the last image from the Shape-shifting device in the hopes of identifying the Shape-shifter. He set up a way for Olivia Dunham to see the results in real time on her cell phone. When it was finished it revealed to her that it was Charlie Francis. ("Momentum Deferred")

He later briefed Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop on one the Observers. He had found evidence of them in the historical record dating back hundreds of years. ("August")

He helped Walter Bishop and Olivia Dunham locate the building that was going to cross over to the Alternate Universe in response to the one Thomas Jerome Newton brought to this universe. ("Peter")

He analyzed the signal that was intercepted when three Shape-shifters crossed over. He determined that the two universes would synchronize at 3:31 PM. ("Brown Betty")

Season ThreeEdit

He later assisted in tracking the signal from the number stations that led to the Fringe Team's discovery of the first people machine. ("6955 kHz") He was the prime suspect in a string of shapeshifter murders, but he was proven to not be the killer. ("Reciprocity") When inside Olivia's mind, Peter saw an evil zombified cartoon version of Brandon. ("Lysergic Acid Diethylamide")


The other Brandon answers directly to the Walternate and is responsible for brainwashing Olivia Dunham into believing she is Fauxlivia.

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