An Enemy of Fate
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Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit

  • Michael Cerveris as September
  • Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark
  • Shaun Smyth as Anil
  • Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles
  • Ray Boulay as Observer 5
  • Ian Butcher as Observer on Street 2
  • Thomas Cadrot as Young Resistance Fighter
  • Bruce Macnab Crawford as Loyalist Driver in Hummer
  • Charlie Gallant as Loyalist Guard at Desk
  • Abagayle Hardwick as Young Henrietta Bishop
  • Ryan Hesp as Butterfly Observer
  • Howie Lai as Loyalist Guard in Hummer 2
  • Eugene Lipinski as December
  • Rowan Longworth as Michael
  • Timothy Lyle as Loyalist Tunnel Operator
  • Kurtis Maguire as Lead Observer
  • Chad Matchette as Traffic Control Loyalist
  • Gardiner Millar as Observer 2
  • James Fredrick Ralph as Observer 4
  • Jordan Schartner as Observer 1
  • Dan Shea as Observer 3
  • Michael Soltis as Resistance Member in Truck
  • Hugo Steele as Loyalist in Apartment 1
  • Sharon Taylor as Boyles' Secretary Carol
  • Russell Thomas as Loyalist in Parkade
  • Felipe Vecino as Loyalist in Apartment 2
  • Greg Zach as Dying Observer Egg Face

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