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The Alternate Timeline is a version of both the Prime and Alternate Universes in which Peter Bishop died as a

Peter was never saved by the Observer in the Alternate Timeline

young boy. In this timeline, the drowning boy was not saved at Reiden Lake by September after crossing universes with Walter Bishop. As a result, there are many differences between the Alternate Timeline and the Original Timeline that Peter had lived in. The Alternate Timeline was seemingly created after Peter drew the two universes together by The Vacuum. Moments after this, he flickered out of existence. The Observers outside commented on the fact that no one remembered him. An Alternate Timeline is different from an Alternate Universe (both the Prime Universe and Alternate Universe are a part of the same timeline, though dimensionally separated). As such, both universes were affected by Peter's death.

Creation and PurposeEdit

The Alternate Timeline was created immediately following Peter Bishop's activation of The Vacuum. Peter's sacrifice resulted in the bridging of the two universes, as well as the creation of a new timeline in which he was not saved by September in Reiden Lake . In the Original Timeline, September distracting Walternate resulted in Peter living in this universe. This caused a paradox that would result in the destruction of the Alternate Universe (and a dying Prime Universe in 2026) when Peter entered the machine. To rectify the paradox, the machine created the new timeline, so that both Peters ended up dying in 1985, expunging him from the timeline. This would allow the machine to form a bridge without Peter's influence and set the universes on track. Peter continued to bleed through into the new timeline, prompting the Observers to want him permaneantly erased. September, however, perhaps suffering a crisis of faith or responding to an innate conscience that Observers typically seem to lack, had one more plan up his sleeve. He believed that, if Peter and Olivia were to be together, Peter wouldn't have to be erased. Therefore, he could live a happy life with Olivia and the universes would be set back on track, despite the temporary deviations from the natural order. Their relationship culminated in the birth of Henrietta Bishop.

Differences Between The Original and Alternate TimelineEdit

Among the major differences:

Peter Bishop's ReturnEdit

From the moment the Alternate Timeline was created, parts of Peter Bishop were bleeding through, even though he had been erased. This had been pointed out by the Observers. Peter began appearing to Walter, who was terrified and confused. Later, in what appears to be a massive influx of energy, Peter appeared in Reiden Lake. However, much to his shock and dismay, no one in the Alternate Timeline recognized who he was. This led to Peter's speculation that he was not, in fact, home, but somewhere else, setting him off on a goal to return to his home. As it turned out, Peter was home all along. According to September, the reason Peter could not be permaneantly erased was because the people he loved (and who loved him) could not give up. Their love kept him from being entirely stamped out.

Nature of the Alternate TimelineEdit

It was confirmed by September that the Alternate Timeline is still Peter's home. Both universes are the same universes from prior to Peter's erasure. The only difference is that Peter had been temporarily erased and returned to the newly impacted universes. With this new information, the Original Timeline as things had initially played out is believed to have been replaced with this alternate history.

Alternate Timeline of EventsEdit


  • Timeline diverges from Original Timeline. Walter and Peter return to the Prime Universe and fall through the ice at Reiden Lake. Peter drowns.

Between 1985-2011Edit

  • Olivia kills her stepfather and is raised by Nina.
  • Walter is locked up in St. Claires.
  • Fringe Division is formed. Olivia is recruited and releases Walter from St. Claires.
  • Secretary Bishop kidnaps Olivia and sends Fauxlivia to the Prime Universe, acting as a mole.

2011 Edit

  • The Bridge is formed.
    The Day We Died

    Observers erase Peter.

  • Cooperation begins between both universes.
  • Peter Bishop reappears because of strong love between him and his relatives.



Decision is taken to sever the link between both universes.

  • David Robert Jones, under orders from William Bell, tries to collapse both universes in order to create a new one.
  • Alternate Lincoln Lee is killed.
  • Connection between both universes is severed, in an attempt to destroy Jones' objectives. Prime universe's Lincoln Lee chooses to stay in the alternate universe.
  • The Fringe Team succeeds in destroying Bell and Jones' plan. Olivia is killed, but then resurrected.
  • Olivia Dunham is pregnant with Henrietta Bishop

2015 Edit

  • Sent back in time, Observers seize control. Henrietta is lost. Citizen uprisings prove bloody and futile. Those who survive become known as 'Natives'. In an attempt to show their allegiance, some Native factions became 'Loyalists' and are marked by the Observers. The original Fringe Team fights the invasion, but is quickly defeated. Fringe Division is allowed to continue at a reduced capacity, but only to police the Natives
  • September works with Walter to devise a plan that will rid the world of the Observers.
  • Peter and Olivia are driven apart after Henrietta's abduction. Peter wants to save his daughter while Olivia wants to save the world.
  • Walter details the plan on video cassette should something happen that would cause the Fringe team to be unable.
  • Olivia is sent to New York to retrieve a part of the plan. She is given an ambering device, which she is forced to use to protect herself from Observers.
  • Walter ambers the lab, encasing his valuables and the video cassettes.
  • Walter ambers Astrid, Peter, and William Bell at an unknown location.


  • Henrietta meets Phillip Broyles at a crime scene. Broyles has her transfered into his division and is recruited into the Resistance.

2036 Edit

  • Simon Foster and Henrietta Bishop free Walter and Peter Bishop from amber. Walter cuts off William Bell's hand.
  • The Fringe team joins the Resistance in order to fight the Observers.
  • Walter is kidnapped by the Observers and tortured by Captain Windmark. By the time he is rescued, he has forgotten the details of the plan.
  • The Fringe Team returns to the Harvard Lab and sets up a temporary base. They attempt to retrieve the videotapes that detail Walter's plan from amber.
  • The Fringe Team travels to rural Pennsylvania to retrieve a piece of Walter's Plan.
  • Etta is killed by the hand of Captain Windmark.
  • Peter sets out of a quest of revenge, murdering an Observer and implanting his technology into himself.
  • The Fringe team travels to a pocket universe to try and retrieve The Child and instead find a radio.
  • Peter begins running timelines to kill Windmark.
  • The team obtains two beacons.
  • Olivia recovers the electromagnet.
  • Olivia convinces Peter to remove the Observer tech.
  • The radio begins to transmit a signal. It is traced and the child is found with a foster family.
  • The Resistance seeks out Nina Sharp in order to acquire technology that will enable them to read Michael's mind.
  • Windmark discovers Nina is aiding the Resistance. He interrogates workers of the Ministry of Science and ultimately locates Nina, who kills herself to protect the child and her friends.
  • Michael reveals to Walter that Donald is none other than September.
  • The team tracks down September and collects the final pieces needed for the plan.
  • Michael turns himself into the Observers.
  • Olivia travels to the Alternate Universe to find a way into Liberty Island, where Michael is being held hostage, before travelling back to the Prime Universe, rescuing him, returning to the Alternate Universe, and then back to the Prime Universe.
  • The machine is assembled. Walter travels to the year 2167 with Michael.


  • Episodes taking place in the Alternate Timeline are signaled by a yellow title card, with the exception of episodes taking place in 2036, which are signaled by the Oppression Sequence.

    Yellow title sequence.

    Sence observerqu

    Observer title sequence.

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