Akim is an old acquaintance of Peter, who is enlisted/persuaded to help identify a mysterious computer program that, when downloaded, kills people.


Peter pays Akim a visit in hopes to solve a case. Akim is agrees to help after Peter shows him a valuable gold coin that is worth "a fortune" and agrees to give it back if Akim helps him with the hard drive. Akin leads Peter into a back room that turns out to be a high-tech computer lab. Akim tells Peter that the deadly program is incredibly complex and some of it is not even computer code and as a result  Akim can't find the source of the program. Fortunately he  realizes the program is being downloaded at that very moment. He is able to narrow down and pinpoint the location, which Peter instantly recognizes as Olivia's apartment.

The team later learns that the program was developed by Brian Dempsey.


"It's particles scattered all over the internet. This thing must have been insanely complex. Integrated video, audio. I mean some of this isn't even computer code."

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